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Math pi

Math Pi

Pi has been known for more than 4000 years and it was discovered by ancient Babylonians. The symbol π was denoted from the 16th letter of Greek alphabet. Its value is 22/7 (approximately 3.141592). Archimedes was the first to calculate the theoretical value for Pi.

Pi is the ratio of circumstance c of the circle to its diameter d.

π = c / d

The value of c/d is constant, regardless of the circle size.

Through ages, Mathematician tried to find more accurate value for Pi. In the mid 19th century it values was around 707 decimal places. In mid 20th century with the introduction of electronic computers Pi value was calculated around 100,000 digits. Although, the present value of pi calculated to some 2.6 trillion digits, the exact value for the Pi cannot be computed.

In 1770, German Mathematician Johann Lambert proved that π is irrational and in 1882, Ferdinand Lindemann proved that it is Transcendental. That means it cannot be root of any algebraic equation with rational coefficients. The transcendence of Pi implies that its impossible to solve the ancient challenge of Squaring the circle with the compass and straight edge.

π is more closely associated with circles, spheres or ellipses. It is used to find the areas and circumstance of circle. Pi is found in many formula, particularly used in the fields of Geometry and Trigonometry.

Pi has even tricked into the literary world. Pilish is a dialect of English in which number of letters in the successive words was followed by the digits of Pi.

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