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Magic number 3
Magic number 3

Here is an interesting trick that lies on the power of number Three. Follow the steps below to learn...

day of the week
Find out the day of the week

You can easily find out the day of any week using the formula d + m + y + ( y / 4 ) + c d - date,...

7 x 11 x 13 Multiplication Trick
7 x 11 x 13 Multiplication Trick

Here is an interesting trick that you can do it much faster than the calculator. You can perform thi...

Zero Factorial
Zero factorial

0! = ? if, 3! = 3x2x1 = 6 2! = 2x1 =2 1! = 1 0! = still 1 Stunning right! Here are some explan...

Vedic Maths
Vedic math shortcut for the multiple of nine series

This shortcut technique is useful for the multiplication of nine series. Let us see this shortcut w...

missing number
Finding out the missing digits

Here is an interesting trick to find the missing number. Follow the steps below to learn this simple...

multiply trick
Multiplication Shortcut for 2 Digit Numbers

This trick can be applied when - First digit of both the numbers (multiplicand and multiplier) are...

Numbers 1 to 10
Fascinating Multiplications

Is there any multiplication set that have all the positive integers from 1 to 9? Of course yes, the...

Cube Root
Shortcut to find the cube root

This trick will help you to find the cube roots using shortcut. Learn the shortcut with the simplifi...

e irrational number
E - irrational number

e is a irrational number which cannot be expressed as the quotient of two numbers. e is a special nu...

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