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Japanese multiplication

Japanese multiplication

Japanese multiplication derives way to multiply things visually using the lines. This multiplication works better for all the two digit multiples and multiplicand.

Let us see with an example,

12 x 31 = 372

(Visual explanation using lines)

Draw the equivalent lines for the digits

Step 1: Take the multiplicand. Draw a slanting line pointing upwards to right.

Step 2: Take the second digit of multiplicand. At a short distance, move down and draw slanting lines pointing upwards to right for the second digit. Draw two lines.

Step 3: Take the multiplier value. Draw three slanting lines pointing downwards to right.

Step 4: Take the second multiplier value and move upward to the right and draw a line slanting downwards to right.

Answer can be obtained by just counting the intersection points.

The number of intersection point at the left is the first digit of the answer.

Sum of the intersection point of the top and bottom is the second digit of the answer(If the intersection point is more than 10, carry the 10's digit to the left)

The number of intersection point in the right is the last digit of the answer.

This number can also implemented for multiplying three digits numbers. But this method become clumsy when the number of lines drawn increases unwieldy.

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