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Jacob bernoulli

Jakob Bernoulli

Jacob Bernoulli was a prominent Mathematician from the Bernoulli Family. He gave numerous contributions to Calculus and he was one of the key founder of calculus of variations. Its the field of Mathematical analysis that deals with study of Maximizing or minimizing the functions, particularly mapping the set function and real function.

Though he studied Theology , he was much interested in learning Mathematics and science. So, he traveled through out London to learn the new discoveries in Mathematics and science. In 1690, he was the first person to solve the Separable Differential equation. He published papers on Transcendental curves and Isoperimetry in 1696 and 1700 respectively.

Jacob taught Mechanics in the university of Basel from 1683. He lectured on the Mechanics of solids and Liquids. But, his passion for Mathematics made him to study Descartes' Geometrie and Van schooten's additional material in Latin edition. He also studied works of Wallis and Barrow. After reading all the prominent mathematicians works, he was interested in learning Infinitesimal Geometry (Differential and Integral Calculus).

He was famous for his work Art Conjectandi, published eight years after his death in 1713. This book deals with the concept of combinatorics (study of finite discrete structures) and Mathematical Probability. He also introduced the new theorem called Law of Large Numbers (LLN). It brings the result of performing the same experiment large number of times.

Jacob greatly admired the Logarithmic spiral. It resemble the mollusk Shell with its perfect symmetrical spirals. He called it as Spira Mirabilis, means wonderful spiral. Especially he admired its properties because any part of the spiral scaled up or down , it exactly resembled the same as the other. So he chosen this shape for his Tomb Stone,with the phrase "Though changed, I rise again the same".

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