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Outside Calipers

Calipers is an instrument with two jaws which is used in measuring the thickness and diameter of an object. It is also used in measuring the distance between the two opposite points of the objects. This device was first found in 6th century BC during the ship wreck at the Italian coast.

The major types of calipers are Inside calipers, Outside calipers, Divider calipers, Oddleg calipers, Vernier calipers, Dial calipers, Digital calipers and Micrometer calipers.

Inside calipers is used to estimate the internal area of an object.

External calipers is used to estimate the external area of an object.

Divider calipers is called as Compass. This is used to measure the distance between two points.

Oddleg calipers is used to draw parallel lines to the edge.

Vernier calipers is used to measure both the inside and outside diameter of the object with high accuracy.

Dial calipers has a dial which displays the measurement with an indicator needle.

Digital Calipers has an electronic digital display that is used to measure the distance in centimeters, millimeters and inches more preciously and accurately.

Micrometer calipers is use to measure the very small distance. Its highly applicable in mechanical engineering for finding outer and inner diameter of the shafts etc.,

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