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Archimedes was a brilliant ancient Mathematician lived 200 years before Christ birth. His love for Maths started to flourish from his early days of life. He also explored his talent in the field of Mechanics, Geometry and Arithmetic. He invented many complicated mathematical equations and well famed for his invention of huge devices.

Even though he was well known for huge inventions like War machines, Miniature planetarium, he was most famous for formulating Archimedes principle or Hydrostatics. Here goes the famous story behind this Principle.

Once king Hieron met Archimedes to get solution for his unsolved problem. He suspected that his crown was not made of pure gold instead some sort of silver material was mixed in it. Archimedes found solution for king's problem when he was in Bath Tub. He was so excited that he ran out of streets shouting Eureka! (I have found it)without spotting to wear his dress.

The principle follows that when a body immersed in the fluid loses its weight which is equal to the amount of fluid it displaces. He found the solution by comparing the weight of gold and silver in the water. He proved king that the crown was not made of pure Gold.

He also invented war machines to defend his country from Romans. One of the famous machines was called “Claw of Archimedes”. Its believed that giant claws could lift the big warship from the ocean and crush them. His other defend-able war machine is Heat ray. Tales suggest that it work on giant mirrors that would reflect the sun rays over the passing ships to catch fire.

His interest was assimilated in astronomy as well. He created a machine called Miniature planetarium. This device imitated the motion of sun, moon and five other planets that Archimedes known in his lifetime.

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