LCD Calculator

Least Common Denominator Calculator to find LCD with fractions. The LCD or lowest common denominator is the least common multiple of the denominators of a set of fractions. The lowest positive integer that is divisible by all the denominators of a set of fractions is called as LCD. It can also be said as least common multiple of denominators of fractions. To calculate Lowest Common Denominator just find the LCM of Denominators in the below LCD Calculator.

Least Common Denominator Calculator

Note: 3/8,5/6,3/2
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Least Common Denominator Calculation

For a set of fractions , 1/2, 5/6 and 3/7.
LCM of denominators 2,6 and 7 is 42.
Hence LCD is 42.
The rearranged fraction for the given series is 21/42, 35/42 and 18/42

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