Simpsons 1/3 Rule Calculator

Simpson's 1/3 Rule is used to estimate the value of a definite integral. It is a method for numerical integration. It works by creating an even number of intervals and fitting a parabola in each pair of intervals. Simpson's rule provides the exact result for a quadratic function or parabola.

baIn x dx = h/3 [(y0 + yn) + 2(y2 +.... yn-2) + 4(y1 +..... yn-1)]
Where 'x' is an equation 'a' refers Upper Limit and 'b' refers Lower Limit.

Simpson's Rule Numerical Integration

Lower Limit
Upper Limit
Select the precision that you need

Result    f(y) =

Conditions to write equation:
Write exp(y) to calculate ey value
Write log(x,y) to find logyx value
Write sin(y) to get sin y value
Use pow(y,2) for y2
Use y as an operand
Please check your equation before submitting.
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Numerical Integration is done in this calculator using Simpson's 1/3 Rule

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