Urine Microalbumin To Creatinine Ratio Calculator

A microalbumin-to-creatinine ratio urine test is done to measure the amount of a protein called albumin in the urine. This amount of urine albumin is compared with the quantity of a waste product in the urine called creatinine. The consistent presence of small amounts of albumin in the urine is called microalbuminuria. This Urine Microalbumin To Creatinine Ratio calculator is used to estimate the microalbumin to creatinine ratio based on Urine microalbumin and creatinine.

Urine Test : Microalbumin To Creatinine Ratio

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UMACR = Urine MicroAlbumin / Urine Creatinine


A patient's urine contains Microalbumin of 6.6 mg/dL and Creatinine of 95.2 g/dL, then his/her urine microalbumin to creatinine ratio is,

= 6.6/95.2
UMACR =0.0693 mg/g

Urine microalbumin (um) is associated with early-stage kidney disease. Comparing the ratio of urine albumin with creatinine to determine if the body is excreting albumin at an increased rate.

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