Learn How to Calculate Intravenous Flow Rate - Tutorial

How to Calculate Intravenous Flow Rate - Definition, Formula and Example


An Intravenous (IV ) flow rate calculation demonstrates the flow rate of solution managed over a given time and is normally expressed as mL/Hr or mL/min.

Formula :

Flow Rate = ( Volume / Time ) * Flow Factor
Example :

Given the Volume of 1000 mL of liquid over time of 60 min and using the flow factor of 50 gtt/mL. How many Intravenous Flow Rates per min should this liquid be set for?


Volume = 1000 mL time = 60 min flow factor = 50 gtt/mL

To Find,

Intravenous Flow Rates


Substitute the given values in the formula,

Flow Rate = (Volume / Time) * Flow Factor
= ( 1000 * 50 ) / 60
= 50000 / 60
= 833 gtt/min

Thus the intravenous (IV) flow rate value is calculated.

Learn how to calculate the intravenous flow rate value from this tutorial, given with the definition, formula and example.

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