How to Calculate Burned Calories

How to Calculate Burned Calories


Calories are normally present in the food we eat each day. It plays an important part in weight and health status of a person. This tutorial explains how to burn the excess calories from our body.

Formula Used:

CB = (W*N/S)*distance Where, W = weight N = Net value S = Walking Pace
Walking pace222.5344.5567
Net Value22.533.556.389.511
Example :

A person weighs 54kg, walks a distance of 2 miles and his walking pace is 2mph. Calculate the calories to be burned for that person.

Given :

Weight(W) = 54

Net Value(N) = 2

Walking Pace(S) = 2

Distance = 2

To Find :

Calories Burned

Solution :

Substitute the given values in the formula,

d=d*1.609344=2*1.609344=3.21869 Km

CB = ((54*2)/2)*3.21869

     = 173.88

Result :

Calories to be burned = 173.88 calories

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