Learn How to Measure Blood Pressure Level - Tutorial

Measure Blood Pressure Level with Definition, Chart


Blood pressure is the pressure of circulating blood within the arteries. It increases during heartbeat and reduces when the heart relaxes between each beat. It is measured as 'systolic' pressure and 'diastolic' pressure. Systolic pressure refers to the bp which occurs while the heart beats when it pumps the blood and 'diastolic' pressure refers to bp which occurs while the heart stays in rest between the beats.

Table :
SystolicDiastolicLevel of Severity
<90<60Low BP
>=130>=85High Normal
>=140>=90Mild Hypertension
>=160>=100Moderate Hypertension
>=180>=110Severe Hypertension
>=210>=120Very Severe Hypertension

Blood Pressure Chart
Blood Pressure Chart

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