Blood Sugar Level Chart

Blood glucose refers to the amount of glucose present in the human blood. The normal glucose level should range between 70 to 99mg/dl at early morning in empty stomach. The level gradually varies after consumption of food. Outside the normal blood sugar level is treated as a medical condition, which is referred as Diabetes mellitus. Here in this blood sugar level chart we have provided the blood glucose level in terms of mg/dl under three categories: normal, per-diabetics and post-diabetics.

Blood Glucose Chart

CategoryNormal Pre-diabetes Diabetes
Fasting valueMinimum 70 4 101 6.1 >126 >7
Maximum101 6 126 6.9
Post prandial / aka post meal < 140 <7.8 140-200 7.8-11.1 > 200 > 11.1
Before lunch, supper and snack <100<5.5--70-1304-7.2
Bedtime < 120<6.7--90-1505-8.3
Random (Anytime) <140 <7.77140-199 7.77-11.1>200 >11.1

The above blood glucose chart depicts the minimum and maximum amount of blood sugar level for a normal, pre-diabetic and diabetic patients during fasting and after meals.

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