BAI Chart

Body Adiposity Index (BAI) is the measure of fat percentage in a human body. The BAI index is calculated without using the body weight, instead uses hip size compared to the person's height. As the circumference of the hip and height are strongly correlated with the percentage of body fat. It is approximately equal to the percentage of body fat for adult women. The following BAI chart gives you the body adiposity index for women based on ages.

Body Adiposity Index For Women

BAI Classifications for Women
Age (years) Underweight Healthy Overweight Obese
20 - 39 Less than 21% 21% to 33% 33% to 39% Greater than 39%
40 - 59 Less than 23% 23% to 35% 35% to 41% Greater than 41%
60 - 79 Less than 25% 25% to 38% 38% to 43% Greater than 43%

This BAI Chart helps to find the weight status (underweight, normal, overweight) of women based on the body adiposity index.

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