Body Adiposity Index Chart For Men

Body Adiposity Index, also termed as BAI is the measure of the amount of fat content present in your body. Based on the calculated BAI, you can be classified as Underweight, Healthy, Overweight and Obese. The BAI classifications vary for men and women. BAI can be calculated using the formula [(100 x hip circumference) / (height x √height)]-18 This Body Adiposity Index Chart shows the BAI classifications for male, based on your calculated body adiposity index.

BAI Chart For Male

BAI Classifications for Men
Age (years) Underweight Healthy Overweight Obese
20 - 39 Less than 8% 8% to 21% 21% to 26% Greater than 26%
40 - 59 Less than 11% 11% to 23% 23% to 29% Greater than 29%
60 - 79 Less than 13% 13% to 25% 25% to 31% Greater than 31%

This BAI Chart / Body Adiposity Index Chart for Men shows the weight status of males based on their BAI index.

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