HCF Calculator

HCF means Highest Common Factor. It is also referred as the greatest common factor (GCF), greatest common measure (GCM) or highest common divisor. It is the highest common factor found between two or more numbers when at least one of them is not zero. It is the largest positive number that divides the given numbers, without any reminder. It divides evenly into both the numbers. Use this online HCF calculator to find the Highest Common Factor of the given numbers.

Highest Common Factor Calculator

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Calculate Highest common factor/Greatest common divisor (Measure). Just enter the numbers and get the result using our online HCF Calculator.


Find HCF of 12, 20 and 18

Factors of 12 = 2×2×3
Factors of 18 = 2×3×3
Factors of 20 = 2×2×5
The common factors of 12, 18 and 20 are : 2
Hence, 2 is the Highest Common Factor of 18, 20 and 12.

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