US GPA Scale

GPA or the Grade Point Average is a ranking system used to assess the performance and talents of the students. This ranking system is used in a majority of the institutions world wide. GPA is calculated on a scale of 4-point, 7-point and 10-point. The U.S. GPA is calculated on a 4.0 scale. Below is the Grade point average ranking system followed in the USA. The U.S. universities usually embrace a 4- point GPA scale. This chart shows the equivalent Grade point average for marks scored in percentage.

Percentage to Grade Point Conversion Chart for USA

Percentage to Grade Point Average for USA
Percentage RangeGradeGrade Point
90% - 100%A4.0 (A+ = 4.33; A- = 3.67)
80% - 89.9%B3.0 (B+ = 3.33; B- = 2.67)
70% - 79.9%C2.0 (C+ = 2.33; C- = 1.67)
60% - 69.9%D1.0 (D+ = 1.33; D- = 0.67)
Below 59%F0

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