Percentage to GPA Conversion Chart for Australia

GPA or the Grade Point Average is a ranking system used to assess the performance and talents of the students. Grade point average is calculated on a scale of 4-point, 7-point and 10-point. In Australia GPA is calculated based on a 7.0 point scale. There are 6 percentage ranges and corresponding grades in the Australian GPA ranking system. The Fail level is split into two namely F1 (Fail Level 1) 45 % to 49 % and F2 (Fail Level 2) below 45 %. Also the distinction grade is split into two which are D (Distinction) 75 % to 85 % and HD (High Distinction) above 85 %. Use the below conversion chart to find the equivalent grade point average for percentage marks.

Percentage to GPA Conversion Chart for Australia
Percentage RangeGradeGrade PointUS Grade
Above 85%HD(High Distinction)7.00A+
75% - 84%D(Distinction)6.00A
65% - 74%Cr(Credit Pass)5.00B
50% - 64%P(Pass)4.00C
45% - 49%F1(Fail level1)1.00F
Below 45%F2(Fail level 2)0F

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