KU GPA Calculator

KU, abbreviated as Kansas University is a largest university in the Kansas state of US. It was established in March 61, 1865. The university follows a unique grading system and hence the GPA calculation also varies. Use this KU GPA calculator to estimate the outcome of semester's grade point average and cumulative GPA in Kansas University.

Kansas University GPA Calculation

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The GPA of 2 subjects with credit hours as 3, grade as A and grade points as 12 for both the subjects and total Kansas University A-F total hours is 6. KU Cumulative GPA as earned as for now is 3.
Hence, Grade Point Average = 4 and Cumulative GPA is 3.5

From the above KU cumulative GPA calculator, calculate cumulative GPA average for the total number of subjects by entering the total KU A-F hours, number of credit hours and select the grade earned in the exam.

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