Baseball WHIP Calculator

WHIP (walks plus hits per inning pitched) baseball calculator shows pitcher performance. Whip is used for the measurement of the number of baserunners, their walks, runs which have allowed per inning pitched. Here, the online Baseball WHIP Calculator based on outs pitched is used to calculate Walks plus hits per innings pitched in baseball statistics. Simply enter the number of walks allowed and a number of hits allowed, innings pitched and outs pitched to find WHIP.

Baseball WHIP Calculator based on Outs Pitched

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Baseball WHIP = (w + h) / ( i + ( o / 3)) Where, WHIP = Walks Plus Hits Per Innings Pitched w = Walks h = Hits i = Innings Pitched o = Outs Pitched


If a pitcher has allowed 170 hits and 40 walks over 102 innings and 1 out.


Baseball WHIP = (w + h) / ( i + ( o / 3))
= (40 + 170) / (102 + (1/3))
= 2.0521

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