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The Elo Rating system calculates the relative skill levels of players in two player games such as Chess. This online MMR calculator finds the ELO win percentage and this League of Legends MMR checker helps to find the Rating Difference between the Elo scores of two players. In this League of Legends game, a player whose rating is 100 points greater than their opponent's is expected to win of about 64%. If the difference is 200 points, then his expected winning chance would be 76%.

League of Legends MMR Checker | ELO Win Percentage Calculator

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This MMR calculator calculates the 'ELO Winning Percentage' and the 'Elo Difference' based on the number of wins, losses, draws, points and number of games. The Elo rating difference between two players in League of Legends game, helps to predict the result of a match.


Find ELO winning percentage and difference for the following chess game results?
Wins = 3, Losses = 2, Draws = 2


Points = Wins + (Losses) / 2 = 4
Games = Wins + Losses + Draws = 7
Winning Percentage = (Points / Games )×100= 57.1429
ELO Difference = -400 × loge(1 / (Points / Games ) - 1) / LN10
= 49.9755

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