Big Oil Calculator

Payday 2 is a shooter video game developed by Overskill software. It was published by 505 games on 13 august 2013 as a follow up of payday game. On day 2 of the payday2, it is essential to find out the right big oil engine. You have to get inside the house, find server room, find the laboratory door and then should go downstairs to the laboratory to find the correct engine. You can determine which engine to choose with this online calculator by choosing the tubes, gas and pressure.

Payday 2 Big Oil Engine Selector

12 Three tubes 510 bar 7 Three tubes 375 bar Stairs 2 One tube 500 bar Table 1 One tube 375 bar
10 Three tubes 400 bar 9 Three tubes 375 bar Stairs 4 Two tubes 400 bar Table 3 Two tubes 400 bar
8 Three tubes 275 bar 11 Three tubes 425 bar Stairs 6 Two tubes 450 bar Table 5 Two tubes 300 bar
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