Yarn Count Calculation Formula

Yarn Count is the thickness of a yarn by its mass per unit length. The yarn count can be determined by direct and indirect count system. The yarn count calculation formula gives the equation to estimate the count of yarn in both direct and indirect methods. The direct count is used for jute, silk fibre etc.The indirect count system is been used for cotton, silk etc. The textile calculation formula is the ratio of unit length and weight of the sample to the unit weight and length of the sample.

Textile Calculation Formula


(Yarn Count) d = ( w × i ) / ( m × l )
(Yarn Count) i = ( m × l ) / ( w × i )


Yarn Count d = Yarn Count in Direct Count System
Yarn Count i = Yarn Count in Indirect Count System
w = Weight of the Sample(lb)
i = Unit Length of the System(yd)
l = Length of the Sample(yd)
m = Unit Weight of the System(lb)

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The textile calculation formula gives the simple equation to calculate the yarn count in both direct and indirect method. Use our online calculator using the yarn count conversion formula to efficiently calculate the yarn count of the material.

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