Whp to Horse Power (Hp) Formula

A horsepower(Hp) is a unit of measurement at the rate of power ie., the time taken to complete a work by a given force. The horsepower was originally explained by a Scottish engineer to compare the power of the steam engine to the horsepower. In the Whp to Horse Power (Hp) formula, the water horsepower entered is multiplied with the constant pressure to provide the Horsepower value. The pressure used here is kept as a constant value of 1.014336190238.


HorsePower = w × 1.014336190238


w = Water Horsepower(WHP)

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The Whp to Horse Power (Hp) formula gives you the simple equation to calculate the horsepower. The horsepower can be calculated using our online Water Horse Power (Whp) to Hp converter.

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