Wenner Spacing Soil Resistivity Formula

The soil resistivity is a measure of the electrical resistance of the soil. And such factor determines the resistance of grounding electrode. In the design of systems that depend on the passing of electric current through Earth’s surface and high voltage transmission systems, it is considered as a critical factor. With this Wenner spacing soil resistivity formula you can calculate electrode spacing, the voltage at inner electrodes and current at outer electrodes.

Wenner Spacing - Soil Resistivity:

Soil Resistivity:
Wenner Spacing - Soil Resistivity
Electrode Spacing:
Electrode Spacing
Voltage at Inner Electrodes:
Voltage at Inner Electrodes
Current at Outer Electrodes:
Current at Outer Electrodes

R = Soil Resistivity
S =Electrode Spacing
V =Voltage at Inner Electrodes
I =Current at Outer Electrodes

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Wenner spacing soil resistivity formula is the most commonly used formula for the testing resistivity of the soil. This formula is an essential formula in Geophysics.

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