Volume of a Wedge Formula

The wedge can also be called as a turned right triangular prism so that it rests on one of its lateral rectangular faces. Find the volume of the wedge using the volume of a wedge formula mentioned below. To calculate the volume of a rectangular wedge, multiply the base width with height, divide the result by 6. On other end multiply 2 with the base side and add the top side with the obtained value. Multiply this value by the first step value to know the volume.


V = (bh / 6)(2a + c)


V = Volume
a = Base Side a
b = Base Width b
c = Top Side c
h = Height h

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Decomposition of polyhedra results in the formation of the Wedge. A wedge is a parallelepiped in which a face is collapsed into a line. Use this volume of a wedge formula to calculate the rectangular wedge volume on your own.

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