Wedge Surface Area Formula

A wedge can be referred as right triangular prism turned so that it rests on one of its lateral rectangular faces. You can use the formulas mentioned below to calculate the surface area and lateral area of the wedge. As per the wedge surface area formula, you should calculate the lateral area to find the surface area of the wedge. The lateral area of a wedge formula requires values of base side, base width, top side, and height to find the lateral area.


F = (((a + c) / 2)√(4h2 + b2)) + (b √(h2 + (a - c)2))
SA = F + ab


a = Base Side
b = Base Width
c = Top Side
h = Height
F = Lateral Area
SA = Surface Area

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A wedge is the subclass of the prismatoids and can also be classified as a diagonal cupola. This Wedge surface area formula page also provides you the related calculator to make your calculations simple.

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