Wavelength to Joules Formula

Given below energy of light with wavelength formula to calculate joules, kilojoules, eV, kcal. Here planck's equation is used in finding the energy by using the wavelength of the light. Photon energy is used for representing the unit of energy. Wavelength to Joules formula is defined as (6.626xc)/w. Multiply the planck's constant value, 6.626 with the speed of light (300000000 m/s). Then divide the obtained value by the wavelength of weight. The resultant value is the energy of light.

Energy of Light with Wavelength Formula


Energy of Light = (6.626 × 10-31 × c) / w(m)


e = Energy
c = Speed Of Light(300000000 m/s)
w = Wavelength

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Wavelength to Joules formula is based on speed of light and wavelength, where energy of light can be used by knowing the planck's equation. It states that energy of a photon is inverse to the wavelength of the light (λ). Here photon is the elementary particle of a light source.

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