Watson Formula

The Body Water is the building block for cells and tissue, which helps to maintain the temperature and other factors. A human body should contain a minimum of 50% of body fluid. If the total body fluid is less, then it can cause mental issues, tiredness, weight gain, etc. Enter the main factors age, height, weight and gender in the total body water calculation formula to find the total body fluid. The two different Watson formula for men and women are separately provided.

Total Body Water Calculation Formula


TBF for Men = 2.447 - 0.09156 x Age + 0.1074 x Height + 0.3362 x Weight
TBF for Women = -2.097 + 0.1069 x Height + 0.2466 x Weight

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Find water content by Watson Formula and increase the total body fluid by intaking lot of water, and water content food. The total body fluid can be maintained by finding the percentage using the total body water calculation formula.

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