Von Mises Stress Formula

The von mises stress predicts the yielding of materials under any condition from the uniaxial tensile test result. It is widely used by designers to check whether their design withstands for a load condition. Use the below von Mises stress formula to find whether the stress at a given point will cause failure. According to von Mises’s failure equation, the material under multi-axial loading will yield when the distortion energy is equal to or greater than the critical value.

Von Mises Stress Equation

[((σ1 - σ2)2 +(σ2 - σ3)2 +(σ3 - σ1)2)/2]1/2 = σv

σ1, σ2, σ3 = Stresses
σv = Von Mises Stress

Von Mises stress formula is based on stress with the maximum force. Von Mises stress equation can be connected using distortion energy failure induced in the material which exceeds the yield strength of the material.

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