Volume of a Bowl Formula

A bowl is a small, shallow, round container used to serve food. The modern bowls are made up of metal, ceramic, plastic, wood and other materials. The bowls were used for thousands of years. The factors needed to find the spherical bowl volume is the radius and height of the bowl. Substitute the value of height and radius in the volume of a bowl formula and find the spherical bowl volume. Use our online volume of bowl calculator to find the answer within a blink of an eye.


Volume of Bowl = ((4 / 3) × π × r3) - ((1 / 3) × π × h2 ((3 × r) - h))


r = Radius
h = Cap Height

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By knowing the values of radius and height of a spherical bowl one can find the volume of the bowl. Find the volume of different bowls using the volume of a bowl formula and verify the answers using the volume of round bowl calculator.

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