Volume of a Cone Formula

The volume is the total space occupied inside the three-dimensional object. It is the space that a substance like solid, liquid or gases occupy. It is usually measured in cubic centimeters (cm3), cubic meters (m3) or liters. The volume of a cone formula needs radius and height. To find the volume of the cone, square the radius and multiply it by height. Multiply the obtained value with 3.14 and then divide the value you got by 3. The resultant value is the volume of the cone.


Volume of Cone = 1/3 × π × (r2 × h)


r = Radius
h = Height

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You can easily identify the volume of the cone, just by substituting the radius and height values in the volume of a cone formula. A volume of a cone is any defined units. Make sure that all of the measurements are in the same unit before computing the volume.

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