Elliptical Cylinder Volume Formula

Like any other circular cylinder in the prism family, volume of elliptic cylinder is the area of the base times the height. Use the below given elliptical cylinder volume formula to find the resultant value. If the base of the cylinder is ellipse with the axis length of "a" and "b" and if the height of the cylinder from top to bottom is "h" then we can find the volume by multiplying the height, length of the semi-major and semi minor ellipse axis along with the pi value.



Volume (V) = π × A × B × h


A = Semi-Major Axis
B = Semi-Minor Axis
h = Height

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Volume of the elliptical cylinder is the total space that the cylinder occupies. Elliptical cylinder is also called as Plücker conoid. You can find the elliptic cylinder volume formula by knowing the semi-major axis, minor axis and its height.

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