Volume of Conical Cylinder Formula

Volume of the conical cylinder refers to the total space that the cylinder could occupy. It is also called truncated right circular cone. Using this volume of conical cylinder formula, you can compute the result based on the height and radius of cone and height of cylinder. Square the radius and multiply with cylinder height and pi value to get cylinder volume. For cone volume, square radius and multiply it with pi and height. Divide the derived value by 3. Add both to find volume of conical cylinder.


Volume (V) = (π ×r × r × h) + ((1/3) × (π × r × r × c))


r = Radius
c = Cone Height
h =Cylinder Height

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Volume of conical cylinder is the combination of volume of cone and cylinder. It is a cylinder with the larger circular base and top as small circle. It has a top with tip straight cut off. Using the volume of cone and cylinder together results in finding the conical cylinder volume.

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