V-Notch Weir Flow Equation

Identify the flow rate of the open channel by using the V-notch discharge formula. To calculate the flow rate, multiply discharge constant with 8/15. Multiply gravity (9.81 m/s2) with 2 and find 1/2 times of it. Find tanθ by two, here θ is (V - Notch Angle). Identify 3/2 times of Head on the Weir. Multiply all the resultant values. V-notch weir flow equation can be simplified as 4.28 x Cd x tan (θ/2) (h + k) 3/2.

V-Notch Discharge Formula


Q = 8/15 ×Cd ×(2g)1/2 ×tan(θ/2) ×h3/2


Q = Flow Rate
Cd = Discharge Constant
θ = V - Notch Angle
g = Gravity Constant (9.81 m/s²)
h = Head on the Weir

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V notch weir is also simply referred as "V-Notch". It is a plate placed on an open channel flow, which makes the water to flow over the "v" notch. V-Notch Weir Flow Equation aids to meter the flow of water by measuring the head of water over the v notch.

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