Ventricular Contractility Assessment Formula

The tendency of the heart muscle to generate force and to shorten, usual changes in heart rate, preload or afterload is called as Contractility. Just substitute the value of Isovolumic contraction in this Ventricular contractility assessment formula to calculate Right Ventricle (RV) and Left Ventricle (LV) Contractility. For calculating both the right ventricle and left ventricle contractility only basic multiplication and division operations are required for this formula.


R = (12 / T) × 1000
L = (32 / T) × 1000


R = Contractility Result of Left Ventricle
L = Contractility Result of Right Ventricle
T = Isovolumic Contraction (Interval between mitral valve closure and aortic valve opening)

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The above Ventricular contractility assessment formula in this page is one of the most important formulae in the cardiology. This Contractility formula will be a very useful one for the cardiology medical practitioners.

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