Cornering Force Formula

As the car progresses through the corner, there is a centrifugal force acting on the car, which tends to pull the car toward the outside of the turn. This frictional force is called as cornering force and is generated at every point at which the vehicle touches the road. Given here the cornering force formulas for the calculation of a vehicle static force, maximum speed and net force using the static friction, gravity acceleration, mass, radius and slope of the road.


t = u × m × g × sin(a)
f = ( u × m × g × sin(a) ) + ( m × g × cos(a) )
v = √ (((( u × m × g × sin(a) ) + ( m × g × cos(a) )) × r ) / m )


t = Static Friction
u = Static Frictions Coefficient
m = Mass of Vehicle (kg)
g = Gravity Accelaration
r = Radius (m)
f = Total Net Force
v = Maximum Speed
a = Slope of the Road

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Cornering or side force is the most important part of handling because a vehicle cannot go around corners without it. Make use of the cornering force formula for the calculation of the cornering centrifugal force of a vehicle.

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