lb/ft3 to kN/m3 Formula

Each and every soil type has the different weight per cubic meter. The unit weight of the soil depends on the consistency of the particles and density of the certain soil. The unit weight of the soil is the ratio of the total weight to the total volume of the soil. The lb/ft3 to kN/m3 formula is just a simple formula that allows you to perform soil unit weight conversion with basic arithmetic operations such as multiplication and division in a simple manner.

Soil Unit Weight Conversion Formula


T = S × (9.81 kN/m³ / 62.4 lb/ft³)


T = Total Unit Weight in kN/m³
S = Total Unit Weight in lb/ft³

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The soil unit weight conversion formula is a formula that will guide you suitably to perform unit conversion. Also you can make use of the related calculator which works on the same lb/ft3 to kN/m3 formula to check your results.

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