GD&T True Position Formula

Given below GD&T true position formula to find the tolerance deficit value. GD&T position is a versatile tolerance with control over location of any part feature.To find true position (T), square the offset (X), and offset (Y) value and add it. Now find the square root of the obtained value and multiply it by 2. With the specified true position and T value, you can figure out the excess tolerance or tolerance deficit value using the below true position tolerance MMC formula.

True Position Tolerance MMC Formula


True Position (T) = 2√(x2 + y2)
Tolerance Deficit = S - T


x = Offset (X)
y = Offset (Y)
S = Specified True Position

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True position tolerance MMC is used as a geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) location control over the electrical engineers design and drawings. It is useful for building electrical tools such like printed circuit boards and associated mechanical components. GD&T true position formula for tolerance deficit is defined as S - T (i.e) specified true position - T value.

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