Trapezoidal Footing Volume Formula

The trapezoidal footing is used to carry the two columns of unequal loads. To find the trapezoidal footing volume, measure the height, breadth of the lower and upper shape of the trapezoid, also measure the height of the trapezoid. The formula of trapezoidal footing volume can be calculated by determining the area of the lower and upper trapezoid by multiplying the height and breadth of each shape. Find the volume of trapezoid footing using the trapezoidal footing volume formula.

Formula of Trapezoidal Footing Volume


V = h / 3(A1 + A2 + √(A1 * A2))


V = Volume of Trapezoid Footing
h = Height of Trapezoidal
A1 = Area of the Lower Shape
A2 = Area of the Upper Shape
A1 = m x n (Lower Height x Lower Breadth)
A2 = o x p (Upper Height x Upper Breadth)

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The formula of trapezoidal footing volume is an effective and simple method to find the volume. The trapezoidal footing is more economical than other footings. Use the trapezoidal footing volume formula to find the volume of the trapezoidal footing.

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