Three Phase Transformer Capacity Formula

Alternating volts in electric power are increased or decreased using transformers. Single phase and three phase transformers are the two classifications of the transformer. The one with three-phase magnetic circuits is called as the three-phase transformer. The below section of this page provides you the three-phase transformer capacity formula which helps you to calculate the capacity of a 3 phase transformer with the known values of kVA, volts, and amps.


V = (k x 1000) / (A x Ph)
A = (k x 1000) / (V x Ph)
k = (Ph x V x A) / 1000


V = Volt
A = Amps
k = kVA
Ph = 3 phase (√3 = 1.732050808)

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The above three-phase transformer capacity formula in this page is a simple formula which will be useful in the place where the need for a transformer for three-phase industrial application is more.

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