Total Number of Possible Arrangements Formula

It is a permutation and combinations formula to determine the total possible arrangements of the elements given in a set. The total arrangement formula is most commonly used in probability and distribution problems to determine how many different ways can the elements of a set can be arranged. The below given Total Number of Possible Arrangements Formula is widely used in word problems to find how many possible arrangements of elements are possible.

Total Arrangement Formula


nk=0 C(n,k)= C(n,0) + C(n,1) + . . . +C(n,n) = 2n

n = Number of elements
k = Type of element

In this total number of possible arrangements formula, the combinations are equal to 2n. The given total arrangement formula helps to find all different ways probability based on Permutation and Combination. Permutation means arrangement of things in order and Combination means selection of things, order is not considered here.

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