Torricelli Theorem Formula

Torricelli theorem has many uses in our day to day applications. Know the Torricelli's law formula and calculation of the theorem using the Torricelli theorem formula.


Fluid Speed = √ ( 2 × g × Orifice Height )


Acceleration Due To Gravity (g) = 9.80665 m / s 2

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The formula of Torricelli theorem is useful in many ways that it can be used to find the atmospheric pressure. A simple experiment where a tank is filled with water and liquid flows through a hole and the velocity of the liquid is measured. The Torricelli theorem formula helps you to calculate the speed or velocity of the liquid flowing through the hole of the container or tank.

Torricelli's Equation: The velocity of liquid flowing through the orifice of a tank is the square root of the vertical distance 'h' which is between the liquid surface and center of the orifice and the square root of twice the acceleration caused by gravity. The acceleration caused by gravity at the earth surface is 9.80665m/s2.

Hence find the velocity of any liquid flowing through an orifice of a container using the above Torricelli theorem formula.

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