Toroid Inductance Formula

Toroid inductance has a rectangular cross section and "n" number of turns, with the inner radius "a", outer radius "b" and height "h". You can calculate the toroid inductance of the coil by calculating the known values such as the number of turns, height, the permeability of free space, outer radius and inner radius in the toroid inductance formula mentioned below. Toroid inductance formula is one of the important formula that is necessary for the professionals in electricals.


Inductance = ( N 2 × H × μ0 × ln ( B / A ) ) / ( 2 × π )


N = Number of Turns
H = Height
μ0 = Permeability of Free Space (4 × π × 10-7)
B = Outer Radius
A = Inner Radius

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Toroid Inductors are commonly used in pulsed power and power conditioning applications as the magnetic fields are highly confined within the volume. Toroid inductance formula helps you to calculate not only the inductance value but also other variables values based on other known values.

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