Time of Flight Projectile Motion Formula

The time of flight is calculated by the time the projectile holds to reach the maximum height. It is just double the maximum-height time. It can be also calculated by the initial velocity in the y-direction and the gravitational force. The below given is the time of flight projectile motion formula to calculate the time of flight projectile motion on your own. As per the time of flight formula, initial velocity, theta, and acceleration of gravity(g) are required to do calculations.


Time of flight = (2 v0Sin(θ)) / g


T = Time of Flight (s)
v0 = Initial Velocity (m/s)
g = Acceleration Due to Gravity (9.80 m/s2)
θ = Angle of the Initial Velocity from the Horizontal Plane (radians or degrees)

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A projectile is an object that is given an initial velocity and is acted on by gravity. The above time of flight formula is a simple formula which can be remembered easily to do your projectile motion calculations.

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