Thermal Expansion Formula

Thermal expansion is caused when the temperature of a body is increased. This gives out a change in dimension either in length, volume or area. There are three types of thermal expansions. They are Linear expansion, Area expansion, and Volume expansion. Below given are thermal expansion formulas for these expansions. These three thermal expansion equations depend on their original value, change value and a factor called as expansion coefficient.

Thermal Expansion Equation

Linear Expansion Formula


Volume Expansion Formula


Area Expansion Formula


ΔT = Temperature difference
LО = Original length
ΔL = Change in length
VО = Original volume
ΔV = Change in volume after expansion
ΔA = Change in area
AО = Expanded area
α = Expansion coefficient

The explanation for all these expansions are as follows.
Linear Expansion : It is caused when there is a change in length.
Area Expansion : It is caused when there is any change in area due to temperature.
Volume Expansion : It is caused when there is any change in volume due to temperature.

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