T Statistic Formula for Two Samples

The t-test is most commonly used to compare a single mean with a hypothesized value, two means from paired data, or two means from the unpaired data. Here is the T statistic formula for two samples by which you can calculate the pooled standard deviation, t-statistic and standard error. The Mean, standard deviation and sample size of the two samples are the data's which are necessary for doing the calculations using the given T statistic formula.


Pooled Standard Deviation (r) = √( (n1 - 1) σ12 + (n2 - 1)σ22 / (n1 + n2 - 2) )
Standard Error (S) = R x √(1 / n1) + (1 / n2)
T - Statistic = μ1 - μ2 / S


μ1 = Mean1
σ1 = Standard Deviation1
n1 = Sample Size1
μ2 = Mean2
σ2 = Standard deviation2
n2 = Sample size2

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