Surface to Volume Ratio Formula Octahedron

The given below is the simple surface to volume ratio formula Octahedron to calculate the surface to volume ratio of an Octahedron. To find the ratio just divide the multiplied value of 3 and root 6 by the edge length. The term Octahedron is widely used to refer to the regular octahedron which is a Platonic solid composed of 8 equilateral triangles, 4 of which meet at each vertex. It is a 3d case of the more general concept of a cross polytope.



S = 3 × √(6) / A


S = Surface to Volume Ratio
A = Edge Length

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Make use of the surface to volume ratio formula Octahedron to know the surface to capacity ratio of an Octahedron. The octahedron is also represented as a spherical tiling and projected onto the plane via a stereographic projection.

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