Surface Area of Conical Cylinder Formula

Given below surface area of conical cylinder formula to calculate SA based on the radius and height. TSA of the conical cylinder is the sum of SA of cone and cylinder. To begin, find the cylinder surface area by multiplying the radius, height and π. As well multiply the derived value with 2. To find SA of cone, sum the square of cone height and radius and compute the square root for the resulting value. Multiply the obtained value with 2 x π. Add the SA of both shapes to know TSA of conical cylinder.


Surface Area (SA) = (2 × π × r × h) + ((π × r) × (r+ (√(c2 + r2))))+(π × r2)


r = Radius
h = Cylinder Height
c = Cone Height

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Surface area of conical cylinder is the total area of the shape, including the top and bottom. It is the combination of surface area of cone and cylinder. You can find the surface area using the formula mentioned above.

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