Square Prism Formula

A square prism is a three dimensional cuboid figure whose bases are squares. Simply a square prism is a cuboid with square base. A right square prism which has square lateral surfaces is a cube. In a square prism, the opposite sides and angles are congruent. Also, consecutive angles are supplementary and diagonals bisect each other. Use the below right square prism formula to calculate the area and volume based on the height, base area, and perimeter.

Right Square Prism Formulas | Formulas of the Square Prism

Area = 2A + Ph
Volume of a square Prism = s2h
Perimeter of Base(P) = 4s
Area of Base(A) = s2
Lateral Surface Area = 4xh

s = Side of base
h = Height
A = (side)2 = Base area
P = 4 x side = Perimeter of a base of the prism
Square Prism Formula

Right square prism with two identical bases looks like a rectangle. It has at least one pair of opposite square faces.

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